Our vision is of a fair and just society, free from poverty and injustice, where each person is empowered to make their own choices and shape their future.


Our mission is to continue working in solidarity with individuals, families and the wider community in North Inner-City Dublin to promote a fair and just society by educating and supporting people in reaching the goals they set for themselves, their families and their community. To make this happen we focus our work on:

• Provision of Education, Community Services & Skills for Life
• Excellence in Standards & Quality
• Evidence of Impact and Making a Difference
• Fostering an open, supportive and inclusive culture inside and outside our organisation

Underpinning all our services is a person-centered approach. The needs of the individuals and groups with whom we work and the communities from which they come are of primary importance to us.

Our ability to deliver excellent services to our clients hinges on the quality and commitment of the staff and volunteers. The organization is committed to support and resource staff to ensure the best possible service to clients.

To realise our Mission we commit ourselves to:

  • A participant-focused approach. This involves the specific development of each of the services in response to the emerging needs of clients/participants. This personalised attention will empower our participants and encourage them to become more active citizens
  • Providing excellent services that are well-researched, properly resourced and that respond accurately to our participants’ needs,
  • Investing in the development of individual staff members and the organisation as a whole to make sure that we have the skills, technology, capacity and motivation to deliver the best possible service to our participants
  • Developing a funding strategy to provide improved resources (people, funding and other) to enable us deliver excellent services
  • Collaborating with funders and other support agencies to address issues in our community in a sustained and integrated way


It is a privilege to work with and to serve our participants. Inspired by St Vincent de Paul and St Louise de Marillac, and strengthened by the experience that we have built up over the years, we strive to achieve excellence in the quality of our work, guided by these values:

  • Respect: we respect the dignity and uniqueness of each person whom we meet, and we accept people for who they are and for where they are in their journey through life
  • Encouragement: we value a positive and reinforcing environment. We specialise in offering a supportive, caring, nurturing and goal-setting environment to everyone who engages with us. In this way we can support people in realising their ambitions and support them in having a stronger say in their future
  • Education: we place great value on learning and education, so we strive to provide flexible and accessible opportunities for learning and personal growth
  • Collaboration: we work with people and other agencies as an effective way of tackling the obstacles that hinder choice for people in our community
  • Self-evaluation and reflection: we value experiential learning. Reflection on the past and present gives us insight into how we can do better as individuals, and as an organisation in contributing to our community
  • Openness: clarity and openness in our way of working is intrinsic to the DoCCS approach. We aim to be clear about what our participants can expect from us and what we expect from them. We recognise that this openness can be both liberating and challenging