Henrietta Street School is a community-based high-support school for children considered ‘at risk’. We provide holistic educational supports for twenty children, male and female, aged eleven to sixteen years. Children who attend the school will often have experienced difficulties in previous school settings. Through an alternative, more flexible education programme and approach than is normally possible in mainstream schools, Henrietta Street School provides opportunities for each student to explore and develop their full potential.

With a student-teacher ratio of 5:1 as well as additional part-time teaching supports, we operate individualised learning programmes for our students, with a strong emphasis on literacy and social mathematics. A key aspect of our school is the social development of students, achieved through the creation of a school community based on the values of respect, individual and family participation and social inclusion.

Additional Supports

We employ a full-time Social Worker who provides support to our students and their families on the basis of their required needs. Her work is essential in ensuring our students are supported to sustain their participation in education and in building a positive relationship between the school and the family.